FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Conference & Awards 2013

Award Categories

Sustainable Bank of the Year

The overall Sustainable Bank of the Year category comprises Regional
Awards offered for achievements in Africa/Middle East, Americas,
Asia-Pacific and Europe, and a Global Sustainable Bank of the Year
prize open to institutions with assets of more than US$500bn,
substantial operations on at least two continents, and more than 20
per cent of revenue earned outside the country of incorporation.


Sustainable Investor of the Year

The Sustainable Investor of the Year award highlights ground-breaking
achievement in the area of sustainable investment during 2012,
recognising the institution that has shown innovation or leadership in
creating environmental, social and financial value. This award
recognises all forms of social and environmental investment, and is
open to all asset owners and asset managers, including sovereign
wealth funds, life insurance firms and pension funds.

Sustainable Investment of the Year

The Sustainable Investment of the Year award recognises
ground-breaking engagement between financial investors and real sector
companies that have resulted in the development and delivery of
innovative, viable and replicable products and services that engage
and empower the poor, target underserved markets or address key
environmental challenges such as climate change. This award will
highlight the relationship between investors and the companies in
which they invest, including direct investment support and
collaborative engagement initiatives.

Technology in Sustainable Finance

The award for Technology in Sustainable Finance recognises
ground-breaking transactions, programmes and initiatives in financial
services that harnessed the power of information technology and
communications in 2012 to address basic needs at the Base of the
Pyramid (BOP), the more than 4 billion people who live on less than
US$2 a day. This category is open to all financial sector
participants, from banks to hedge funds and insurers and also to real
sector companies.

Achievement in Inclusive Business

The award for Achievement in Inclusive Business recognises firms and 
their partners that integrate people at the Base of Pyramid (BOP) into 
their value chain as suppliers, distributors, retailers or customers. This
category will highlight ground-breaking initiatives that provide financing
to the BOP and that are commercially viable as well as inclusive,
benefiting both the company and some of the more than 4 billion people
who lack access to basic goods, services, livelihoods and income generating