Defence and Security Editor
Financial Times
Sam Jones is the Financial Times’ defence and security editor, leading the FT’s coverage on global defence issues, intelligence, cyber warfare and terrorism. He has been with the newspaper since 2007, when he joined as one of the founding writers on FT Alphaville, the markets and finance blog. He has also written for the paper extensively on markets, and on global finance as the paper’s hedge fund correspondent.

He was highly commended as Young Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards in 2009 for investigative work into the rating agencies and their role in the financial crisis. He has also been recognised as a promising journalist by the Harold Wincott Awards and in 2012 was listed as one of MHP’s top 30 journalists to watch.

Prior to joining the FT, he was a reporter with Euromoney. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, from where he has a first class honours degree in history.