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17 March 2015 | Level39, Canary Wharf, London #FTSharingEc
In recent years, the sharing economy has been developing at a pace and is showing no signs of slowing down, with its five sub-sectors - peer-to-peer (P2P) finance, online staffing, P2P accommodation, car sharing and music/video streaming - set to grow to £9bn by 2025^...[read more]

Clearly this has implications not only for traditional incumbent companies who could lose a significant share of the market, but also for regulatory bodies, where innovation is outstripping their ability to regulate the industry effectively.

The FT Sharing Economy European Summit will bring together leaders from sharing economy companies,  traditional organisations, start-ups, insurers, regulators, government policy makers and academics to examine the state of play, the issues that institutions and individuals are facing, and what the future holds for the sharing economy. Click here for the full programme.


Debbie Wosskow 
Entrepreneur, Investor and Sharing Economy Expert 
CEO, Love Home Swap

Carlien Roodink
Holland FinTech

Nicolas Brusson
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Robinson 
Head of Public Policy, Europe and Canada

Tony Douglas 
Managing Director 
BMW iVentures

Jo Bertram 
Regional General Manager, UK, Ireland and Nordics

Rohan Silva 
Second Home

Gerard Grech 
Chief Executive Officer
Tech City UK


  • Understand the opportunities and risks the sharing economy (SE) poses for your business
  • Learn from how other sharing economy companies have succeeded to date
  • Learn how some traditional businesses have drawn inspiration from SE model of "access over ownership" and the use of technology to re-evaluate how they operate
  • Hear from key industry figures and thought leaders on what the future holds for the Sharing Economy in Europe


Murad Ahmed 
European Technology Correspondent
Financial Times

Sally Davies 
Technology and Innovation Correspondent
Financial Times