FT Future of Marketing Summit
September 12, 2013
8:00 am - 8:40 amBreakfast and Registration
8:40 am - 8:50 amOpening Remarks

Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Global Media Editor, Financial Times

8:50 am - 9:10 amKeynote: Forecasting the Future: Top 10 Trends for Marketers

Meabh Quoirin
, Managing Director,
Future Foundation

9:10 am - 9:50 amPanel: Picture it Global

The digital age brings a wealth of opportunity for brands to quickly scale globally, but it also creates the tricky problem of achieving a consistent brand narrative. Greater consumer touch points and cultural transitions are just some of the hurdles brands need to jump over in order to succeed on a global level.

Linda Boff, Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, GE
Candace Matthews, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway
Andrew Robertson, President and Chief Executive Officer, BBDO Worldwide
Moderator: Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Global Media Editor, Financial Times 

9:50 am - 10:10 amDialogue: The Rising CMO

With social at the center of the marketing mix, how is the role of the CMO changing? Gartner predicts that the CMO will outspend the CIO on IT by 2017 and that has significant implications for the marketing community, as we undergo a major transformation.

Jeffrey Rohrs, VP, Marketing Insights, ExactTarget
Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal USA
Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson
, Global Media Editor, Financial Times

10:10 am - 10:40 amPresentation: Restructuring Your Organization for the Digital Age

Successfully building your brand in the digital age goes beyond just having the right social media campaign, or the right web site. It means putting your customer at the heart of the way you do business.  Understanding and shaping the journey your customer will take as they navigate the changing digital landscape will be the key to competitive advantage. But aligning your business against this is a formidable challenge. This session will discuss approaches for driving the transformation required.

David Edelman, Principal, McKinsey & Company

10:40 am - 11:10 amNetworking Break
11:10 am - 11:50 amPanel: The ROI of it All

Given continued economic pressures marketers must find the most cost effective and demonstrable ways to market products and services. As the move away from print to online continues, social media is a key ingredient in achieving the right marketing mix. However the competition for attention in the social media landscape is fierce and measuring ROI is difficult. Are marketers spending too much time trying to find their place in the chaotic world of social media? Is a social media strategy anything more than bragging likes? Can metrics actually measure success? 

Christa Carone, Chief Marketing Officer, Xerox
Arjan Dijk, Global Director, Small Business Marketing, Google
Scott Ferber, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Videology
Jonathan Gordon, Principal, McKinsey & Company
Moderator: Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Global Media Editor, Financial Times 

11:50 am - 12:10 pmShort Talk: From Digital Footprints to Monetization

Getting to know your customer has taken on a whole new meaning in the digital world. Using tools to understand the behavior and digital footprint of your consumer is relatively commonplace. So what comes next? How do we take the information we have learnt and turn it into a profitable opportunity?

Jason Rushforth, Vice President, Industry Solutions, Oracle

12:10 pm - 12:50 pmPanel: Is Big Data Too Big for Marketers?
The advent of big data has provided an enormous opportunity for marketers to find valuable information about their customers, allowing for greater connection and more targeted messaging. Big data has the transformative power to move marketers away from relying on gut instinct towards data driven decision-making. The challenge is that with so much data, how do you determine what the right metrics are? How do you sift through and extract the valuable information, filtering out the noise? Can marketers thrive in an age of information, or is big data simply too big?

Brian Lesser, Chief Executive Officer, Xaxis
Dave Morgan
, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Simulmedia
Emily Steel, US Media and Marketing Correspondent, Financial Times

12:50 pm - 1:00 pmCase Study 1 - Big Data and Metrics

Vikram Somaya, General Manager, WeatherFX, The Weather Company

1:00 pm - 2:20 pmLunch
2:20 pm - 2:30 pmCase Study 2 - Mobile Strategies

B. Bonin Bough
, Vice President, Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International

2:30 pm - 2:40 pmDialogue: Ads and Apps - Monetizing Mobile

Mobile marketing is arguably the future of marketing. As consumers become ever more reliant on their smart phone and with the massive amounts of available data, there are increasing opportunities for marketers to create a more personalized targeted advertising experience using the mobile device. The challenge is that despite the world of opportunity waiting for marketers in mobile, few have been successful in getting to grips with the opportunities it affords.

B. Bonin Bough, Vice President, Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International
Vivian Rosenthal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Snaps!
Moderator: Emily Steel, US Media and Marketing Correspondent, Financial Times


2:40 pm - 3:00 pmDialogue: It’s a Question of Reputation

While social media channels can create high positive visibility for your brand, they also have the power to bring a brand to its knees. The transparency and open dialogue that social media allows, makes it very hard to hide negative reviews and can be incredibly damaging. In addition, if not properly monitored, what you are putting out there can also result in an embarrassing blunder. To avoid backlash, ensuring a robust reputational risk management strategy is fundamental for any brand that also wants to reap the benefits of social media.

Evan Kraus, Executive Director, Digital Strategy, APCO Worldwide
Don Sorensen, Chief Executive Officer, Big Blue Robot

3:00 pm - 3:20 pmFireside Chat: Letting it All Hang Out
In the wake of the social media explosion, embarrassing blunders have been remarked upon avidly and governments, companies and individuals consistently face public scrutiny. The question is how much transparency is a good thing? Is there such a thing as privacy anymore and if not, should there be?

Jeff Jarvis, Author, Public Parts
Interviewer: Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Global Media Editor, Financial Times

3:20 pm - 3:40 pmNetworking Break
3:40 pm - 3:50 pmCase Study 3 - Viral Videos

Michael Dubin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DollarShaveClub.com

3:50 pm - 4:30 pmPanel: Content is Still King!

Content marketing is not a new phenomenon. But in the world of social media marketing and community engagement it yields many opportunities previously unseen. Many successful digital brand campaigns have involved messaging in a thoughtful content-driven way. The idea is that consumers don’t mind being advertised to, if they are getting something out of it. In order to accomplish this, it is critical that brands create a culture of content within their organization. For savvy consumers to become a part of your community the message must feel authentic and relevant. 

Susanna Dinnage, General Manager, Discovery Networks UK & Ireland
Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NewsCred
Ian Schafer, Chief Executive Officer, Deep Focus
Moderator: Emily Steel, US Media and Marketing Correspondent,
Financial Times

4:30 pm - 4:50 pmFireside Chat: The Leading Edge

Oliver Luckett, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,  theAudience
Interviewer: Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Global Media Editor, Financial Times

4:50 pm - 5:00 pmClosing Remarks

Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Global Media Editor,
Financial Times