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27 November 2014 | London  

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After five years of the Eurozone crisis and with the first preliminary signs of recovery in sight, businesses, labour and policy makers are intensely seeking new avenues to strengthen manufacturing and re-energise this vital sector for the European economy.

The Financial Times brought together senior business leaders and policy makers for a unique, high level discussion on the particular opportunities and challenges facing industry in Europe. The debate was centered on the fundamental adjustments that policy makers and business leaders need to make in order to revitalise European industry and strengthen long-term European competitiveness.


Terry Scuoler
Chief Executive Officer

Robrecht Himpe
European Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
ArcelorMittal Group

Michel Roboam
Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Engineering
Daniel Calleja Crespo
Director General, Enterprise and Industry Directorate General,
European Commission
Peter Marsh
former Manufacturing Editor, Financial Times
and Author of The New Industrial Revolution

Sir David McMurtry Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Renishaw 


Sally Davies
Technology and Innovation Reporter
Financial Times

Sarah Gordon
Business Editor
Financial Times

Peggy Hollinger
Industry Editor
Financial Times