FT Investing in the new Colombia
Colombia is enjoying an economic surge. In the past few years, Colombia has been experiencing solid economic growth and has become one of the main Latin America’s investment hotspots. The stabilization of internal security, recent policy reforms, prudent macroeconomic management and the commodities boom have been the main factors leading to the rise of this Andean country.

Boosted by business-friendly policies and a long track record of regulatory stability, foreign direct investment inflows have soared, reaching $14.4 billion in 2011.  Today, Colombia has gained investment grade credit ratings and has been referred to as “new Brazil” and the “comeback country” due to its rapid economic expansion and record foreign direct investment. While other key emerging market economies are cooling down, Colombia’s growth does not show signs of abating. The outlook for 2013 is promising, with the economy expected to expand around 4.5 percent this year, according to recent estimates. 

Despite these current positives, in order to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth, Colombia must address key challenges. These include developing infrastructure, reducing income equality, adjusting to the commodities boom and solidifying the peace process. 

Will Colombia succeed in tackling these challenges? What structural reforms are under preparation? What measures are needed to boost competitiveness and ensure long-run growth? What are the most promising opportunities and key considerations for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations in Colombia?
This strategic, invitation-only summit – featuring Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos – will bring together investors, Colombian and international business leaders and senior policy makers for a forward looking and insightful discussion about Colombia’s economic prospects, key areas of growth and emerging investment opportunities.

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