10 March 2015 | One Great George Street, London

Africa’s continuing economic and social development is encouraging investors to expand their portfolios in the continent. However, there remains a pressing need for greater investment in infrastructure, especially power. The continent is attracting billions of dollars in finance from corporations, multi-lateral organisations, pension funds and private equity firms; funds which have the potential to enhance Africa’s productivity and transform the lives of its citizens

FT African Infrastructure Financing and Development:  Investing in sustainable African growth will gather policy makers, regulators and C-level representatives from pension funds, asset managers, investment banks, family offices and multi-family wealth offices – as well as product specialists, economic development thinkers, lawyers and consultants – to debate the potential for sustainable African growth. 


Francisco H G Ferreira
Chief Economist, Africa Region
The World Bank
HH Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Al Maktoum
James Kynge
Emerging Markets Editor
Financial Times
Diana Noble
Chief Executive Officer
CDC Group
Nonnie Wanjihia
East Africa Venture Capital Association

Jonathan Wheatley
Deputy Emerging Markets Editor
Financial Times


  • How can the continent’s infrastructure challenge be addressed?
  • The role of regional integration in infrastructure development, the importance of infrastructure to sustainable development.
  • The funding mechanisms and policies needed for a successful infrastructure project.
  • How to attract new investors, trends in financing and structures, the risks and opportunities of investment, regulations and tax developments.
  • The role of Public Private Partnerships, the rise of mega infrastructure projects, and the development of local capacity in Africa.