Investing in Costa Rica Executive Lunch Forum
September 22, 2014 | Le Parker Meridien, New York #InvestCostaRica
Financial Times Live, in partnership with the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), was pleased to present the exclusive Investing in Costa Rica Executive Lunch Forum, featuring a keynote address by Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, President of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has emerged as an attractive and safe destination for foreign investment. With a stable political and regulatory environment, business friendly policies and sound macroeconomic fundamentals—including a growth in GDP of 81% since 2000 and a reduction in poverty levels of 46% in the last 25 years—Costa Rica is determined to keep its place as one of Latin America’s investment hotspots.

These advantages, combined with the country’s strategic location and proximity to the United States, attractive tax and incentives packages and skilled and multilingual workforce, make Costa Rica a valuable location for businesses looking to invest and grow.

Today, Costa Rica boasts sophisticated and highly productive advanced manufacturing, services and life sciences sectors, with more than 250 high-tech multinational companies operating in the country. From electronics, automotive and aerospace to medical devices and global business services centers, Costa Rica has been successful in attracting overseas investors.

In order to ensure sustainable growth and keep pace with other investment destinations, however, Costa Rica must continue its efforts to upgrade its infrastructure, spur innovation and offer an efficient and competitive business environment.

What are the most promising opportunities and key considerations for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations in Costa Rica?In today's increasingly globalized business environment, what makes Costa Rica competitive in attracting the interest of US and foreign companies? What business conditions and economic policies are needed for FDI to continue to flow to Costa Rica?

The strategic, invitation-only event brought together senior policy makers, investors and international business leaders for a forward looking and insightful discussion about Costa Rica’s economic prospects, key areas of growth and emerging investment opportunities.


Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera
The Republic of Costa Rica

Dan Croteau 
Chief Executive Officer 
Vention Medical

Christopher Padilla 
Vice President, Governmental Programs
IBM Corporation

Jose Rossi 
Board of Directors 

Andrew Jack

Deputy Editor, Analysis
Financial Times


  • Hear directly from the President of Costa Rica on the government’s vision for investment, competitiveness and growth. 
  • Benefit from insightful perspectives on the economic outlook, emerging investment opportunities and sectors with the best growth potential.
  • Learn from the experience of leading companies who have already benefited from investing in Costa Rica. 
  • Hear first-hand about the most promising sectors, including advanced manufacturing, medical devices and corporate and information technology services.
  • Network with international business leaders and senior government officials.