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5 - 6 November 2014 | Hilton Kuala Lumpur #FinEdSummit 
CITI-FT Financial Education Summit 2014 Blog

Tim Nourse, President of Making Cents International Shares Successful Programme on Improving Employability for Young People

I serve as President of Making Cents International, a social enterprise that increases economic opportunities for youth, women and smallholder farmers. In this role, I manage the company and also lead our financial services, including financial education.... Read more

Online Platform Improves Consumer Financial Behaviour, A Q&A with the Founder and CEO of RevolutionCredit, Zaydoon Munir

RevolutionCredit transforms the credit decision process for both lenders and consumers by creating a unique platform for creditors and consumers to engage and a database of unique consumer economic behaviour data.... Read more

Designing and Implementing Randomised Controlled Trials: Q&A with Innovations for Poverty Action’s Global Financial Inclusion Initiative Coordinator, Pooja Wagh

At IPA, I am a Coordinator for the Global Financial Inclusion Initiative (GFII), which seeks to identify ways to enhance how low- and moderate-income individuals manage and grow their financial portfolios.... Read more

Introducing Technical Workshops at the 2014 Citi-FT Financial Education Summit

At this year’s Summit, experts from around the world will conduct workshops focused on innovative design elements that aim to improve the effectiveness and implementation of financial education programmes.... Read more

Transforming Lives through Public-Private Partnerships: A Q&A with Noelle Tan, COO at Generasi Gemilang, Malaysia

Tell us about the mission of Generasi Gemilang and your role within the organisation? Inspired by Love, we are committed to building a strong nation by raising an exemplary next generation and strengthening families. We believe that Love transforms lives - therefore our work inspires love.... Read more

Building Mobile Apps for Financial Capability: A Q&A with Kristen Faiferlick, Communications, Partnerships and Resource Manager at MoneyThink, US

Tell us about your role at MoneyThink? As Moneythink’s Communications, Partnerships, and Resources Manager, I have the privilege of working with a wide variety of like-minded partners who have invested in.... Read more

Your Ideas on Digital Financial Inclusion

The goal of the 14th round of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges is to increase the value of mobile for poor and low-income people by enabling universal acceptance....Read more

Malaysia - New Global Center for Financial Inclusion

Ahead of this year’s Citi-FT Financial Education Summit, Malaysia has established itself to become a global center of financial inclusion, a reminder that Asia is a driving force in promoting.... Read more

Better Than Cash Alliance on Bloomberg

Ruth Goodwin-Groen, managing director at Better Than Cash Alliance, discusses the urging of G20 leaders to increase digital payments in developing nations. She speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”.... Read more

Founder of M-Pesa on the Future of Mobile Money

M-Pesa, which means mobile money in Swahili, is credited with transforming the lives of millions of Africans who did not have access to conventional banking services. It has recently migrated to.... Read more

CGAP Financial Inclusion Photo Contest

The 2014 CGAP Financial Inclusion Photo Contest is open for submission. For the past eight years, CGAP has featured inspiring photographs that capture the innovation and diversity of microfinance and.... Read more

Who are the Unbanked?

We often discuss the 2.5 billion people globally who are unbanked, but who are they?The World Bank’s Global Findex, a global financial inclusion database created a very useful infographic.... Read more

Microfinance Opportunities Share Successful Strategy

Over the last ten years, one of the most thought-after discussion topics at the Citi-FT Financial Education Summit has been how to successfully scale financial education programmes.... Read more

Remittances Help Fight Crime in Mexico

The Inter-American Development Bank(IDB) recently published a paper investigating the effect of remittances from the United States on crime rates in Mexico. The study found remittances to be associated with a decrease in homicide rates.... Read more

Digital Payments Offer Immediate Benefits

A World Bank report recently published with the support of the World Bank Development Research Group, the Better Than Cash Alliance, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation investigates how digital payments can reduce cost and.... Read more

Welcome to the Citi-FT Financial Education Summit 2014 Blog

The Citi-FT Financial Education Summit 2014 is fast approaching. Here you will find additional news about the Summit and financial education topics that will be central to this year’s discussion.... Read more

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