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5 - 6 November 2014 | Hilton Kuala Lumpur #FinEdSummit 
Transforming Lives through Public-Private Partnerships: A Q&A with Noelle Tan, COO at Generasi Gemilang, Malaysia

Tell us about the mission of Generasi Gemilang and your role within the organisation.

Inspired by Love, we are committed to building a strong nation by raising an exemplary next generation and strengthening families. We believe that Love transforms lives - therefore our work inspires love, hope, and dignity in people and empowers them to live life to their fullest potential. We address the next generation in the context of family, a key component, strengthening relationships while equipping people with values and skill-sets to thrive. Empowering families towards sustainable community transformation is a collaborative effort therefore we also empower community leaders to take ownership and partner with stakeholders across private & public sectors to drive positive social change.

As the COO of the organisation, I helped set the foundation of Generasi Gemilang (GG) since its inception in 2010. In addition to overseeing operations at GG, I also oversee our Community Development and Strategic Alliance arm, which aims to empower underserved communities towards sustainable transformation. I believe this can only be achieved through public-private partnerships, combining business competencies and insights from communities.

You will be speaking on a plenary discussion on forging effective partnerships to achieve success at scale in urban environments. Can you share with our participants an example of a programme where you have successfully worked with different sectors (public, private and social) to empower local families?

PRUkasih, jointly developed by GG & our partner, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) is one such initiative. Piloted in 2011, PRUkasih is a free financial protection plan for low-income households in Malaysia to provide them temporary financial relief in the event that the main breadwinner is unable to generate income for the family due to an accident, illness or even death. We worked with the National Council of Welfare and Social Development Malaysia (MAKPEM), the City Council - Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM). We believe that PRUkasih is an example of how cross-sectorial public-private sector partnership can improve the quality of lives of families in the underserved community.

PRUkasih has since expanded to 3 underserved communities in the Klang Valley with one more in the pipeline; providing more than 4,000 families access to financial protection. We aim to reach out to 50,000 households through PRUkasih by 2018. This year, our collaborative effort has also launched a financial education programme to support and complement our Ministry of Education’s effort in raising a new generation of financially literate and responsible citizens. We believe financial education and financial protection will help low-income household build financial resilience for their families.

What are you looking forward to most at the Citi-FT Financial Education Summit?

I look forward to meeting new like-minded stakeholders, to learning from one another and sharing our experiences. We as a team look forward to learning from those who spent years improving the lives of others through Financial Education and other efforts.

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