3 September 2014 | One Great George Street, London

FT Live has a reputation for delivering very senior board level audiences to attend a wide range of world class thought-leadership events across the globe for nearly 40 years. 

The FT Cyber Security Summit 2014 will be attended by:

  • Policy Makers (National and European Government Depts)
  • Regulators (European Commission, National Regulatory Bodies)
  • Public Sector Organisations: (Police, Courts, Education, Health, Emergency Services etc)
  • Private Sector Organisations (critical infrastructure companies, financial institutions and other businesses)
  • Other Influencers (Security and Intelligence Services, NGOs, Academia, Industry Associations etc)
  • Service Providers (Technology / Telecommunications / Consulting firms)

Job Titles: 
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, IT Directors
  • Chief Security Officers, Directors of Security / Information Security / Digital Security
  • Chief Risk Officers, Directors of Regulatory Compliance / Risk / Business Continuity Planning / Fraud Prevention
  • Directors of Finance
  • Directors of Procurement
  • Directors of Personnel / Internal Communications
  • Network Architects, Heads of Database Systems / Cloud Computing
  • Heads of Intelligence / Counter-Terrorism / Digital Forensics / Fraud and Financial Crime