3 September 2014 | One Great George Street, London
In today’s internet-connected world, attacks on valuable digital information assets are becoming more widespread and regular, as well as more complex. Hackers, fraudsters, terrorists and other cyber criminals are inflicting untold damage and costs on governments, businesses and individuals.

As a result, policy makers, business leaders and IT security specialists are working together – nationally and internationally – to develop evermore sophisticated and effective measures to manage cyber threats. But more needs to be done. Better security is essential if cyber space is to continue expanding and become an even greater force for technological, economic and social advancement than it has already become.

The Financial Times’ Cyber Security Summit 2014 will bring together public sector officials, business executives and cyber security experts to discuss the current and emerging threats that exist in cyber space, the policies and strategies that are addressing the new realities of cyber crime, and the technological advances and collaborations that will enable public and private sectors to keep pace with and manage these growing threats.

To encourage an open exchange of ideas and frank discussion, the event will be held under the Chatham House Rule.