10 March 2015 | One Great George Street, London
8:00 am
9:00 amChair’s opening remarks
James Kynge, Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times

9:10 amKeynote address: Taking the temperature of Africa’s infrastructure landscape
Africa’s development has reinvigorated investors’ interests in many sectors in the continent. But investment in infrastructure, especially power, is critical to enhancing the productive potential of Africa and transforming lives of its citizens

  • How do you address Africa’s infrastructure challenge?
  • What is driving spending on infrastructure projects across Africa?
  • What role is regional integration having on infrastructure spending?
  • Who is investing in the continent’s transformation?
  • How is infrastructure development promoting sustainable development?

Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

9:35 amPanel discussion: African infrastructure financing – a geographical context
  • What trends are there in investment patterns in north Africa?
  • How can projects and governments in ECOWAS further attract new investors?
  • What are the investment issues in SADC states?
  • How are EAC states financing infrastructure development?  
  • What is the investment picture in the COMESA region?
  • What types of projects or sectors are being invested in? Why?

    Solomon Asamoah, Vice President, Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration,African Development Bank
    Agnes Gitau, Director, East Africa Chambers of Commerce, Trade & Agriculture
    Remmy Makumbe, Director, Infrastructure and Services, SADC Secretariat

    Moderator: Adrienne Klasa, Reporter, This is Africa (FT)

    10:25 amKeynote interview: African infrastructure in perspective
    Some African nations are forging ahead with infrastructure projects that are helping them achieve economic development goals. In this keynote interview, a ministerial representative will discuss the country’s ambitions and provide an insight into the policies needed to ensure infrastructure projects are delivered successfully. 
    • What is the status of infrastructure projects?
    • How has the country delivered a successful project? – What policies and funding mechanisms needed to be in place?
    • What do key infrastructure projects mean for the country’s on-going development?
    Interviewed by James Kynge, Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times 

    10:50 amNetworking coffee break
    11:10 amPanel discussion: Investment trends in African infrastructure
    • Who is investing in African infrastructure projects?
    • How are new types of investors helping to bridge the Africa infrastructure gap?  
    • What is the role of structural organisations in African infrastructure deals?
    • What are the trends for private equity financing of African infrastructure projects?
    • How are African governments funding investment in infrastructure?   
    • What is the role of sukuk bonds in African infrastructure projects?
    • What role is China playing in Africa’s infrastructure investments?   
    • What is the reality of infrastructure funding?
    • What are the domestic and inter-regional trends in investment?
    • How do sovereign wealth funds access opportunities in African infrastructure?

    • Speakers:

      Tas Anvaripour, Chief Executive Officer, Africa50, African Development Bank
      Diana Noble, Chief Executive Officer, CDC Group

      Moderator: Nonnie Wanjihia, Director, East Africa Venture Capital Association

      12:00 pmPanel discussion: Assessing risks v opportunities of investing in Africa
    • What are the risks of investing in African infrastructure?
    • How do you protect against political instability and terrorist threats?
    • How do you invest in a post-conflict state?
    • What do you need to know about risk insurance in Africa?
    • How do you assess the risks of epidemics and natural disasters? 
    • How do you ensure that risks are outweighed by ROI and ‘clever packaging’?

    • Speakers:

      Koko Warner, Executive Director, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative and Section Head, Environmental Migration, Social Resilience and Adaptation, United Nations University

      Moderator: James Kynge, Emerging Markets Editor,Financial Times
      12:50 pmNetworking lunch
      1:50 pmKeynote interview: Creating a financial centre for Africa
      HH Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Al Maktoum 

      Interviewed by: Jonathan Wheatley, Deputy Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times

      2:15 pmIn conversation with FT: Regulation, tax developments and cross-border projects

      Jonathan Wheatley, Deputy Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times

      2:40 pmPanel discussion: Capitalising on opportunities across Africa
    • What is the role of PPPs in African development?   
    • Where are the opportunities for power generation?   
    • How can you capitalise on investment in the transport sector?
    • What is the potential for urbanisation investment?
    • What impact is the Power Africa initiative having on investors?  
    • How do you address the need for short-term solutions while longer term projects are being developed in the energy sector? 

    • Speakers:

      Imad Ahmed
      , Special Policy Advisor on Large Investments,Rwanda Ministry of Finance

      Solomon Mugera, Africa Editor,BBC

      3:30 pmNetworking break
      3:50 pmPanel discussion: Mega infrastructure projects uncovered
    • What is driving the boom in mega infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, highways, railways, airports, seaports, power plants and dams?   
    • What are the challenges and opportunities associated with mega infrastructure projects?   
    • What role is China playing in mega infrastructure projects?
    • Why are mega infrastructure projects so important for the development of Africa’s power and mining sectors?
    • What is the geopolitical dimension of mega projects? Why do sovereigns want to invest in large-scale infrastructure projects?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

      Solomon Mugera
      , Africa Editor,BBC
    • 4:40 pmClosing keynote: Sustainable development, inclusive growth and infrastructure investment in Africa
    • How do you ensure infrastructure investment leads to sustainable development and inclusive growth?
    • Why is development of local capacity so important to investment strategies?
    • What initiatives are in place to develop local skills to ensure Africa is self-sufficient in the long term?
    • Why are transparency and anti-corruption initiatives so important to sustainable development in Africa?
    • What type of thinking needs to be made before any project to ensure that it is inclusive at a local level, generating skills and opportunities for African individuals and businesses?
    • What is the geopolitical dimension of mega projects? Why do sovereigns want to invest in large-scale infrastructure projects?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
    • 5:05 pmChair’s concluding remarks
      Jonathan Wheatley, Deputy Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times

      5:15 pmDrinks reception