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Established in 1982, The UAE Banks Federation (UBF) is a professional representative body of member banks operating in the UAE. UBF advocates banks’ interests, and enhances cooperation and coordination among them, in order to promote and upgrade the UAE’s banking industry for the benefit of the banking sector, its customers, and the national economy. 

Since its inception as the Association of National Banks, then the Emirates Banking Association, UBF has been enhancing cooperation, communication and interaction between member banks for over 30 years. It provides them with a platform to exchange ideas, opinions and information, and also plays a major role in raising public awareness around the beneficial role and distinctive financial, economic and social contribution of the banks to the UAE, as well as their collective views on matters of mutual concern. It also offers representational leadership for member banks by developing solutions to meet the changing needs of the marketplace, and provides training and research to its members. 

UBF’s mission and objectives are focused on developing and representing the interests of the member banks and defending their rights. It facilitates the exchange of banking, financial and monetary information in the regional and international fields, and coordinates cooperation around banking procedures and in the areas of legal, technical and administrative affairs. 

UBF’s vision is to be recognized as the distinguished professional representative and the dynamic voice of the banking industry in the UAE. UBF’s main values include upholding professionalism among member banks, promoting integrity and transparency towards the community theyserve and in which they operate, and supporting ongoing efforts to apply innovation and creativity by the UAE banking industry to better serve its customers. 

UBF delivers superior value and benefits to member banks, enabling them to build competitive and sustainable businesses which support the economy, customers and society. 

UBF is managed by Board of Directors made up of nine members who are responsible for planning, policy-making and supervision of all UBF’s activities and elected every three years. The Federation has also an Advisory Council consisting of Bank CEOs which oversees the implementation of the policies, follows up on UBF’s activities and makes the necessary decisions on all issues of concern to the banking sector. A Steering Committee, derived from the Advisory Council, follows up on certain issues of significance. Also, ten specialized technical committees , covering all banking domains, research and discuss relevant banking issues.

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